NECST Motors is a people-driven organization. We believe that people are our most important asset and endeavor to provide a rewarding and enriching working experience. At NECST Motors, we ensure that we are a place where our employees LOVE to work. We are committed to developing our employees to ensure that they are thoroughly equipped to handle current and future challenges by providing continuous learning and training opportunities. We provide an environment that encourages creativity and innovation with the aim of continuously improving our business operations.

NECST Motors employees are guided by their common set of values, beliefs, principles and business methods that act as the lifeblood of what we do. We may not always have job openings, but you can drop us your CV and we will get back to you as soon as a vacancy that suits your skills comes up, so just click the apply button



At Necst Motors we value our customers and always endeavour to meet your needs wherever you may be. All products planned for delivery are taken through a detailed Pre-Deliver Inspection to ascertain highest optimization. We deliver our quality products and services to your premises or site where we commission equipment according to Volvo Standards.

Our team of highly trained professionals ensure that you receive your equipment in top performance condition, and that your drivers/operators are trained to operate the equipment in a safe and environmentally safe manner in order to deliver up time to your business.


We offer world class equipment and parts that have an extended life span. This is guaranteed through the quality of equipment and parts that we offer our customers, where there warranty cover as per Volvo International warranty standards. All trucks, equipment and parts sold by us come with Standard International warranty as long as maintenance service is done by Necst Motors for at least the first year. Our equipment and parts should not fail under usage and should that occur under the terms and conditions of the warranty then we shall repair or replace the faulty part at no cost to our customers. If the repairs of replacement of parts does not occur under terms and conditions of the warranty then our standard fees will apply.


Necst Motors service contracts are tailor made for your needs and provide your equipment with the much needed maintenance and repair at optimized costs to give you uptime. These service solutions allow us to give your equipment maintenance and regular repairs using genuine parts using our highly skilled and Volvo certified technicians.